Monday, June 11, 2012

What?: Things dog owners say.

There are just some things that dog owners say that grind my gears! Here are a few:

"Kennel Cough"-No, just no. Yes, dogs can catch Canine Cough (bordetella) at a boarding facility, however, they can catch it anywhere there is a dog who is infected. Which is why you should get your dog vaccinated, whether you board them for not.
"I can't afford to take my dog to the vet/get it's shots."- What? If you can't afford to take care of an animal, then don't get one. Dogs are like kids, they need to go to the doctor once a year for check ups and shots. And that's not counting if they get sick or something happens to them.
"I don't know why he's so crazy, I just can't train him."-No, it's not that you can't, it's that you won't. You won't take the time to do it, or fork out the money to do it. Each dog's personality is different, some breeds are harder to train then others. When I hear Lab owners say that, it takes every fiber of my being to not roll my eyes. Labs, Australian Shepherds & Border Collies are all easily trainable dogs, they are extremely smart and catch on quick. But it takes time. You can't expect them to learn everything in one day. Did you learn how to ride a bike in one day? Did you learn how to swim in one day? I didn't think so.
"He keeps messing everywhere!"-Usually this is more puppies. Did you bother to potty train it? It's not hard. Take him outside after you wake up, then every half hour before breakfast, then after breakfast, then every half hour before lunch, then after lunch, then every half hour before dinner, after dinner, and one last time before bed. They shouldn't be fed too soon before going to sleep either. And praise praise praise! Pick up "Dog training for dummies" or ask any trainer. It takes consistency and dedication, like I said before some dogs are harder to train than others. Dachshunds and Chihuahuas are some of the hardest dog's to potty train. Patience is key. They're babies and need to learn, just like human babies need to be potty trained. You think if you don't teach you kid how to use them toilet they're going to know how to use it?
"I don't want to get him fixed, it'll take away his manhood."-Once again...what? Dogs do not have a sense of "manhood" or "womanhood". And if you get them fixed early enough, they won't know they're missing anything. It can also help down the road by preventing some health problems (both in males and females), and plus you won't be adding to the population of unwanted animals.

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