Sunday, October 7, 2012

So This May Cause Some Controversy.

But I don't care, gotta love that 1st Amendment, eh?

Concerning religion/sex.

In many religions, pre-marital sex is considered a sin, even lustful thoughts and masturbation is considered a sin. Why though? Because a divine entity sopke through (or to) some prophets?

"Lustful thoughts" and dreams, they happen, its natural. There is no denying nature, or trying to stop it. You can't help what you dream. Trying to stop that is like trying to stop the rain. Having urges, having curiosity, especially through puberty, it's not "the devil" (or whatever your religions equivalent is). It's called growing up, hormones, NATURE. You shouldn't have to ask for forgiveness over things that you can not control.

As far as sex, that's a bit of a different ball game. If you feel like you're ready before marriage, there is nothing wrong with that. Again, sex and sexual curiosity is NATURAL. However, people should be smart about it, get educated, make sure that BOTH of you are ready, and take all the proper means of protecting themselves from STDs and pregnancy.

And if you want to wait until marriage, that's fine too! You shouldn't have to feel pressured to do something just because "everyone else is doing it." They're not. If someone really loved you, and wanted to make  that commitment, they wouldn't force you.

I'm not here to bash anyone's beliefs. I just feel like teaching kids that the thoughts and things that happen while their body is changing is bad, will lead to some problems in the future. Puberty is a weird time for kids, and they should have things explained to them, correctly. They shouldn't feel ashamed of what happens naturally.

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