Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ladies? Looking at the women in the mirror.

The mirror. Either a women's best friend, or worst enemy. Either way we look at our selves in it, every single day. Why though? Do you look in the mirror to get ready to go out? To look at how good you look? Or to look at how bad you think you look. Ladies, we all have a standard set for us by the world that we have to look a certain way, act a certain way, say this, don't say that, if you don't wear X designer you're a nobody. We all know it, and we all fall victim to it. Every. Single. One of us.

THIS is what "society" thinks we should look like, basically:
Slim, tanned, toned, flawless skin, nails always done, hair always where it should be, big, perky breasts. Basically, and unattainable image of beauty.
Take a close look at this lovely lady. Her skin is perfectly flawless, no pores, nothing. While some of you out there have beautiful skin like this naturally, for the rest of us, we have a few blemishes. This picture has been air brushed, and edited. And, in case you ladies reading this cannot tell, this lady's breasts are fake.Or appear to be to my eye. We all know natural ones, not matter how young and fit you are, aren't that perky.

Have any of you ladies ever look at celebrity before and after photos for magazines or other photos? Here are a few.

Jessica Alba

celebrities before and after photoshop Madonna Celebrities Before and After Photoshop. Magazine Photos Before And After Photoshop repair

Not too sure who this is, but you get the idea

Now ladies. Let me ask you this. WHY do we feel the need to cake on the make up, suck it in to fit into our "good butt jeans" and dress like we're in a rap video? Because society tells us to. The tell us we're too fat. They tell us that if you don't have flawless skin no one will like you. If you don't have the next big designer you're nothing.

Ladies I know we all get uncomfortable when a really pretty girl walks by. We all think "wow, she look amazing, why can't I look like her?" For all you know she could be thinking the same thing about you! I've had girls come to me on a "bad day" and say "I love your _____ !" I try to do the same if I see a girl who seems to be having an off day.

And for you ladies with men in their lives, I'm sure you've caught your man watching an adult film or two, and I'm sure you were hurt, and slightly offended. Those girls are gorgeous, right? Think of it like this though. Those girls/women get paid to do that, multiple times a day with multiple people. No real man in their right mind would want to have that as a relationship partner! They are with you because they love YOU. Everything about you. Your messy hair, you un-made up face, your sweat pants, how you snort when you laugh. Those women are all fake. Men are...visual creatures you have to remember this. They are going to look, and you're going to get mad. As long as he doesn't touch, everything is a-okay!

Like my fiance says, "If you looked ugly, I'd tell you." Which is his way of saying, you look amazing every time I see you, since he never says I look ugly! :)

We're all insecure, every one of us, for some reason or another. But you have no reason to be! Love you for who you are. Don't change for anyone but yourself. Confidence is the sexiest trait a women can have!

*Note-All photos found via google search. I do not own rights to any of  them*

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