Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pitt Bull Stigma...Why?

This is something I feel very strongly about; the stigma attached to Pitt Bulls. Why is there a stigma, and why do people feed into it?

Why is a very simple question to answer. They are used for dog fighting and portrayed by the media as vicious killing machines that go out and look for babies to eat. Hold on a second...isn't that what we have done in the past with other breeds? German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Dobermans, all of these breeds at one point had the same exact stigma attached! All of these breeds were bred for different purposes. German Shepherds, believe it or not, bred to herd sheep! (Source). Rottweilers were bred for herding, as well as guarding (Source). Dobermans were bred to be a watchdog and a bodyguard for tax collector Louis Dobermann (Source). So how the heck did they get the stigma of "killer" attached to them? Just like with hype. Pitt bulls were bred to be pitted (hence the name) against bears and bulls (Source). If the media were to report a Labrador "attack" no one would find it interesting, since there people look at labs as big goofballs who would never hurt a fly. When in reality I've been bit by more labs than anything. But when the news says Pitt Bull "attack" oh no. "These are evil dogs, they should all be killed." Excuse me, what?

This bring me to my next point; why do people feed into the stigma? Because they don't know any better. They have never met a Pitt Bull, or know some one, who knows someone, who knows some one, who got growled at by a Pitt. In my life time, I have never come into contact with a Pitt who has growled at me or tried to bite me or injure me in any way. How a dog, any dog acts, is in how you raise them. If you properly socialize them, get them obedience training, and treat them right, they will not be "evil monsters". But if you leave a dog on a chain, beat him, and just neglect them, they will turn out bad. Not evil, just bad. Any dog can be retrained, it's just a matter of who is willing to take the time to do it? Not the state or county, which is why 9 times out of 10 when dogs are seized from a fighting ring, the ones used for fighting are put down.

All of the breeds I have listed and have come into contact with have been complete sweethearts. German Shepherds are just big love bugs who want to curl up on your lap. Rottweilers just want to play, and give you slobbery kisses. Dobermans, the few I have met have either just want to go, go, go and play all day, or just wanted to be next to me and be cuddled. Pitt Bulls are big headed goof balls! They love playing, and just want to be loved.

When people think of these breeds...this is what comes to their minds usually:

For German Shepherds:

For Rottweilers:

For Dobermans:

And for Pitt Bulls:

It's not right or fair. At all. THIS is how I see these dogs:

Please tell me, who are the monsters and killers here? Them...or us, the humans who turn these dogs evil?

I have never been bit or felt threatened by any of the breeds listed. I have been bit by many labs, a shepherd mix, a Jack Russel, a Dachshund, a Portuguese Water Dog, and a Shiba Inu.

When will we start blaming the real monsters behind dog fighting, that just adds nothing but negative light to these beautiful creatures? Sentences need to be harsher, fines need to be higher or it will never stop. Pitts are being BANNED in certain states and countries. With the way BSL laws are heading, who knows what breeds could be targeted next? Honestly, how can you condemn this face to death?

Give a Pitt a chance! :)

*NOTE: All photos used are NOT mine. I found them on google. Credit goes to the owners of the photos/dogs!*

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