Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Scary Stories to tell in the Dark (Book Series)

Someone has to remember those books. You know, urban legends, scary stories, folklore? The ones where the pictures creeped you out more than the stories most times. You know, these books?
I love these books, probably more than a "normal" girl should. But then again, folks, I am not your average girl, nor have I ever really been. I've always loved sports, mud, and scary stories/movies. The thing about these books though, is yes there are illustrations, but only one per story. Maybe 2. So it's up to you to fill everything in, in your head. Which to me makes it all the more scary. It gets your mind working, and your brain thinking, "What was that I just saw out of the corner of my eye? Just a trick of the mind I'm sure...!" Or the feeling of uneasiness when you get up to go to the restroom, the hallway is dark, and the house settles, at least that's what you tell yourself as you venture down the pitch black hallway. It seems darker than usual tonight, but you can see the dim nigh light in the bathroom. But what's this? It's flickering? But that happens all the time, something is wrong with the wiring to that part of the house. It has always done that, at least you're pretty sure it has. When you finally make it, you don't know whether to keep the door open, or to close it, for fear of what might be on the other side when you come out. And after you've finished, it's a mad dash back down the hall and a leap from your door to the bed so nothing can grab you.

Okay now I'm freaking myself out.

But books and movies (which is rare now a days) that can do that to you, I love it! I love being scared.
A good movie that kind of has the same effect, but is more along the lines of a psychological thriller, with a MAJOR twist at the end is Psych 9. It is very strange, and one of the only movies to make me scream and jump so bad it scared my poor dog. I would give you a summary, but then it would give away the whole movie! The only thing I can say though is...its set in an abandoned hospital, and there is a killer on the loose, but it's not who you think. And by the end you will be amazed. I'm usually not one for those free On Demand horror flicks, because honestly half the time they're corny, low budget, have way too much cursing in it to be realistic, and half the time are just people having sex, there's hardly any plot and I loathe movies with no clear plot line. I was (and still kind of am) a big English nerd. I was always good at it, and I learned to appreciate a good plot twist, and books/movies with actual substance.

I used to write a little in high school, I still have some of my short stories. I'm thinking about starting again, though maybe take an angle like the one I did about, a scary one. Who knows where this new endeavor could take me?


  1. I am in posession of all your ye olde mary-sue ridden fanfictions.
    I doubt you want to post them :P
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  2. I mean the ones I wrote for school duhhh. :)
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